Igor Mortis

“Igor Mortis” February 2017, Collapsible Hole NY, pictured (L to R) Sarah Casey, Mark Gowers, Claire Campbell

A poetic re-animation of the Frankenstein myth, told from the perspective of the stage figure “Igor,” and inspired by Mary Shelley’s novel.

Production History

Investigation of Shelley’s novel by Lilac Co. dates back to fall of 2013, and The Public Theater’s UTR presentation of the work-in progress FRANKENSTEIN in the January 2014 Festival. This earlier work dramatizes an erotic dialogue between the two monsters, with a captured Doctor rendered almost entirely mute.

In spring 2016 Lilac began work on Igor Mortis, with public showings at Freeman Street in Greenpoint, Saint Vitus, and the 2016 Prelude Festival at the Martin E. Segal Theatre on 5th Avenue, NY. THE COLLAPSIBLE HOLE presented the world premier, in Feb 2017, for five nights at the Westbeth boiler room, 55 Bethune Street, NY.

Set design / art direction by Ulla Warchol, sound design / live scoring by Ava Mendoza, lighting by John Anderson, sound engineers Eric Hoegemeyer & Jeremy Slater, assistant direction / video design by Thomas Kavanagh, stage manager Sarah Francois, written and directed by Sean Lewis featuring Claire Campbell, Sarah Casey, Mark Gowers, Fletcher Liegerot. Igor Mortis has been supported in part by Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant

link to Script

link to video Prelude Festival