An Othello Thing

“An Othello Thing” The Tank, January 2016, photo by Paul Warchol

An abstracted fun-house diorama, posing questions of identity, race, and gender. A Man Playing Othello and a Girl Playing Desdemona carry out Othello experiments in their domestic domain. A Man Playing Iago/Cop barges in on the scene when he receives a domestic complaint, and he shoots a black-faced Man Playing Othello dead while he is in the act of strangling a Girl Playing Desdemona to death. Written and directed by Sean Edward Lewis, dramaturgy Mark Gowers, sound/live music Julie Hair, set design/art direction Ulla Warchol, lights by Kelsey LaSeur and featuring Claire Campbell, Fletcher Liegerot, Mark Gowers, Sean Edward Lewis.

Presented by The Tank, NY in 2016