Magic Agency


A ceremony is magical so long as it does not result in effective work but preserves the state of expectancy. In that case the energy is canalized into a new object and produces a new dynamism.”(C.J. JUNG, On Psychic Energy1947)

A person is taken—against their will, to a private gathering in a penthouse apartment over looking the city, for what has become, fashionable entertainment. At these gatherings, psychically lost individuals are splayed open as circus objects for the hungry souls of intoxicated lookers-on. The drama begins with Dorothy Rogers (played by Claire Campbell), and Robertson Jones (played by Mark Gowers), dragging a drugged and lost Stuart Simms (played by Sean Lewis), into a packed apartment. His hands are bound and a pillow case has been placed over his head. Beneath the the pillow case his mouth has been taped and his eyes have been blind folded. The MAGIC AGENCY has managed to monetize these psychic exorcisms or ceremonies, like an Amway Party. Magic the mother of science, is the Agency slogan. All are in formal attire, black and white from head to toe.[PRODUCTION NOTES from the script MAGIC AGENCY CH.1 ONE AMERICAN FLY performed by invitation of the Pantheatre NYC workshop/symposium on June 4, 2017 Chelsea NY penthouse loft and private residence of Dr.Randy Fertel]


*CHAPTER 1: AMERICAN FLY – Sound Eric Hoegemeyer. Cast: Claire Campbell, Mark Gowers, Sean Lewis, Fred Stuart, written and directed by Sean Lewis. HOLO 1090 Wyckoff Ave, Ridgewood, NY with Katy Pinke, Claire Campbell, Thomas Kavanagh, Sean Lewis. *CHAPTER 2: FAIRIES VISIT FLY – Performed Oct 2017 presented by Nova Benway/Triangle Arts Association Dumbo,NY 20 Jay Street Sound Engineer-Jeremy Slater. Sound design Sean Lewis. Art Direction/Set Design-Kenny Curwood. Cast: Claire Campbell, Sarah Casey, Sean Lewis. Written and Directed by Sean Lewis. *CHAPTER 3: A BROTHER’S SACRIFICE – Performed Jan 20,21,27,27 (2018)in the basement of the Action in Christ Church at 157 Leonard Street in Brooklyn, NY. Sound Design Eric Hoegemeyer, Sound Engineer Jeremy Slater, Set/Art Direction Sean Lewis, Cast: Claire Campbell, Sarah Casey, Jim Fletcher, Jennifer Hamdan, Sean Lewis. Written and directed by Sean Lewis. *CHAPTER 4: THE BREAD CRUMB ERASER – with Jim Fletcher and Sean Lewis dates TBC 2019/2020. *CHAPTER 5: CAPTURING HENRY FONDA – Performed October 6,7,13,14 in the basement of the Action in Christ Church at 157 Leonard Street in Brooklyn, NY. Sound Engineer Jeremy Slater,Stage Manager/AD James Gittens. Original Score Bob Jones, Lighting Scot-Free.Cast: Abbey Shaine Dubin, Danielle Hudson, Sean Lewis. Written and directed by Sean Lewis. *CHAPTER 6: BEHIND THE RED CURTAIN – Performed January 31st and Feb 1, 2, 3 2019 presented by La MaMa E.T.C. in The Downstairs Theatre, NY. Sound Design by Bob Jones, Co-Directed by Eimi Imanishi, Assistant Directed by James Gittens, Art Direction/Set Design by Jonas Kyle, Stage Manager: Tyler Mashek, Light Design by Joe D’Emilio, Costumes by Ali of A Noble Savage, Written & Co-Directed by Sean Edward Lewis, Featuring Unique Jenkins & Sean Lewis.

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photography by Christopher Borrok
photography by Arash Fewzee
photo by Carlos Cardona
photography by Arash Fewzee
photography by Arash Fewzee