Drusi Dreamed a Tiger

A new play written and directed by Sean Edward Lewis.

Collaborating artists: Anais Borck, Allison Anderegg, Fletcher Liegerot, John Morena Kenneth Curwood, Brad Truax,

A tiger came to kill CAL and HER but it turned out not to be a tiger at all but a loving alien pretending to be as such. ” Caligula awakens from a nightmare convinced that a tiger has been set loose, and this tiger is coming to kill him and Drusella (Drusi). The piece draws reference to the 1975 Penthouse produced film/porno Caligula, featuring Malcolm McDowell and Helen Mirren.

This play was performed in workshop at 94 Norman Storefront space in Greenpoint, Brooklyn in the fall of 2012 and later at The Public Theaters’ Under The Radar-Incoming series, at Joe’s Pub, in August of 2013.


video link (excerpt 2012 94 Norman Storefront Space)

Drusi Dreamed A Tiger Rehearsal Shot with (L to R) Anais Borck, Sean Lewis, Fletcher Liegerot, (Bottom) Allison Anderegg by Lilac Co.
Drusi Dreamed A Tiger By Lilac Co. Anais Borck and Sean Lewis
Drusi Dreamed A Tiger Poster Photo, Sean Lewis and Anais Borck by Lilac Co. August 2013
Drusi Dreamed A Tiger – Poster Art by Robert Strong, Lilac Co. Fall 2012