Featuring Laura Murphy, Sean Lewis. Written and Directed by Sean Edward Lewis. Video Matthew Brewster

at the PASTEL ROOM storefront space GREENPOINT BROOKLYN 94 NORMAN AVENUE 11222. 8P Oct. 7, 8, 9, 10 (Thurs-Sun) Oct. 14, 15 & Oct. 28, 29, 30, 31

prologue ep.2 UNDERCOVER MIME “mercy, how did i get so fucking fat. I’m jonesing for a cigarette (not now ok ok). my headaches are coming back (all over again). generally i am angry and i am riddled with envy and lust (dog gone it) where did i put my fucking cigarettes. i’m just going to smoke. forget this. my life no more. there used to be a cat around here. i’ll put the uni on in a little bit (ok). number one. i am fortunate to be in the position i am. let me tell you about it. things are not ordinarilyhis broken up but we all go through periods, they can’t be skirted. excuse me for a moment. that’s enough. that’s enough. everything has gone missing in here. my stuff. where has all my stuff gone. forget it, wwwe’ren NYC for god’s sake no SF and i’m a police officer (as if that makes any fucking diff). you wanna know what makes a cop tic (hey what makes a dic tic). this is me orordinarily wouldn’t be so straight forward (NO NO NO SF) we got (sorry about that you know business) got to keep the lights on anyway that’s right. she’s in 11 different flicks right now all playing at different houses throughout the city. the last one i saw her in was really great it had all this exposition back story. she was a small town SF girl trying to make it big in the big city (trying to make it big). put yourself in her po-sition (mother father) mom what are you looking at. (why am i always playing your mother). we’re not playing mom i’m a cop and people have to listen to me or i’ll shoot them (you don’t have your gun anymore). not my official gun the one i carried on duty but i have a gun mom. i’m getting i’ll mom (i always said take care of yourself). don’t say it (NO NO NO). what is most important to you (not to die in the arms of a stranger). don’t fucking say it (do you remember on Halloween when you were little and your dad and i dressed up like ho-bo’s. i have a sock drawer full of pictures). everything is making me sleepy (dress yourself). what do you desire. what do you carry around. my wrist watch SF Barry bonds owes me money the system we are creating hips dope kindergarten my apple Adam underline this sheepish(ness) punk under a spell two tons of dynamite (blam blam). she is pretty she is a pussy that’s why i like her. she likes all of it. not other things. bicycles riding by the water hang let lead hang observe her have fun kid have fun this doesn’t last your a cop (sort of) what happens when your not. what happens when you take the uni off. i needed to go undercover get on the inside. my name is Rene’ Rene’ and I studied with the legend Jacques Rimbodee’ in Paris. the first thing they taught us at the academy when being groomed for this type of undercover mime work is have an answer for everything. it doesn’t have to be the best answer or the only answer but have a reason people always have a reason for things even if they lie about it or can’t tell you what it is. it’s there. i’m in this storefront now because the economy is tough (everyone knows that) see how that explains things. ok. here we go. Mr. carmine across the street said we could stay here so long as we put sheets up in the windows. he said he didn’t want to see me miming and he didn’t want his customers to see my miming either. he said are bad for business. deal i said deal anything else i said. you are so kind carmine. then he told me about the cops who were here for a while on stakeout. some fucking psycho detective named Samuel and this real nice beat cop named David who had fake kids which sounds really beautiful somehow. I looked him right in the eyes as Rene’ Rene’ and he told me about me. I never felt so powerful in all my life to full someone so completely. that’s some type of grand feeling boy. Mr. Carmine said they left some of their equipment and if I didn’t mind I could watch over the equipment. I asked, I said, Mr. Carmine, why do you keep a live feed. shh shh you stupid fucking mime shhh I hate it when mimes talk. I keep a live feed going because it’s a hidden camera. allows me to keep an eye an extra eye on my employees make sure they’re not eating pepperonis behind my back. you get it. now get the fuck out of my site you dirty fucking mime, stay in the storefront, watch over the equipment, clean up once in a while, do what ever it is you mime’s do behind curtains and closed doors, I could care less. but let me repeat myself Rene’ Rene’. me or my customers so much as glimpse you or any of your mime friends all white faced making god knows what gestures and your out. do I make myself clear. very clear Carmine. very clear. there I am beat cop David undercover as Rene’ Rene’ and the old man knows nothing. WOW. I will be grateful Carmine and don’t you worry nobody will see me. I’m undercover mime. I’ve burrowed in this time. like a mole. you’ll never get me out. I love this room. this room has good energy. it’s an alive room. I love miming. back in Paris at the academy Jacques would often say to me in an almost inaudible whisper Rene’ Rene’ you have the gift. Rene’ Rene’ you have the gift. what will you do with it Rene’ Rene’. what will you do. Jacques showed me many things. let me show you some of them. eventually I had to leave Paris and France and Jacques. I am like Jason Bourne I travel the world taking different identities. no one knows the real me. things are not easy for a mime here. let me show you how I feel not by telling you with my mouth. but by using my whole body silently. I had a dream. I was a mime vampire. maybe then I’ll get a movie deal. then I would start shoving tubes up my ass and flying jet airplanes like john Travolta. everybody wants to be dead. everybody wants me to kill them. all my mime pieces are about this. death. me killing other people out of pity. he’s a mime. he’s deadly. kill me mime. put your mime face in mine. breath on me mime. breath mime breath on me. etc etc etc. I give people what they want. you want a pissed off mime vampire who talks shit all the time fine here you go. miming came about as a result of the black death. the plague. people started painting themselves white wearing tight black clothing and not talking. in those days mimes could often be mistook for ghouls. a ghoul is someone who, usually with a wheeled cart, usually accompanied by one or two other ghouls, picks up bodies left for rot and puts these bodies and sometimes the only nearly dead, into large pits with other bodies. I know it’s gross. miming is also related to the contemporary Japanese dance form Butoh. Butoh. Butoh. Butoh is an atomic orgy of death. Butoh and mime are sisters. sometimes in my free flow work I’ll mime and I’ll butoh until I can’t anymore. mostly I wish to be on TV. to see my face projected towards millions. this is my aim. my true desire. monitors everywhere with my face. enlarge my face. flat screen my face. pixeled to death my face. make me calm. turn upwards towards me. make me a castle please. if a little boy sneaks up to you and says, hi, what are you doing, and says his prayers to you, oh life is a joy. the point of my work is that I mime, audience or no audience, many hours a day. it is a great sacrifice to give yourself over to her. to the mime. I cannot suffer interruptions of any kind. OK. well. you can sleep here Rene’ Rene’ and there is a fridge on the other side of the storefront, help yourself. this room, the kitchen we call it, has a boiler plate thing-a-ma-jig for tea or soup. we like to keep it simple. I’m a mime. the world, the universe is an inner image to be explored through silence and gesture. I call my mime darling. Oh darling protect me oh darling protect me from the mountain all our love. protect me oh darling. leaves on the trees are mysterious (you are not). every leaf on every tree has personality (you have no personality). you are beautiful (I love you). I saw Cleopatra this morning. I will tell her how I feel. I will stand as Gold so she can see me do my best miming. Cast me out dark night seducer of my dreams. make the night day and the day night. I wonder what the policemen were like who were here before. there seems to be a residual presence that my inner image is picking up on. I feel an urge to mime about this image. Please help me. I’m a mime. I have no money. My jar is empty. The policemen, what were they like. what made them do what they did and act the way they acted. why were they looking at Carmines. I want to know everything.”