Confessions of Zorro and Diamond

By Sean Lewis

Characters: Esteban the Pastry Chef played by John Morena, Zorro played by Sean Lewis, Diamond plsyed by Ximena Garnica.

The work played June 14, 15, 16 2008 at 155 Milton Street in Brooklyn, NY in the basement of the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Scene One: Esteban Whistles and Sings. Esteban seems to be alone. He is going about his business. He is whistling and is in and out of the kitchen. At times he sings.


5 motions a once

come on Saturday morning with your

come on Saturday morning with your

(red bricks)

we make a side walk out of

it can be shifty when they cross

it is not nothing, safe

it falls off

I can’t see it anymore

anymore leaves


video excerpt