I can’t think of another artist whose work seems to teeter so carefully on the knife’s edge between states. You emerge from Lewis’ show feeling like you’ve been in a grotto made out of bottle caps and tinfoil, some deeply private offering. Did you have fun at the play? What a question to ask. As long as yMagic Agency Chapter 2_ Fairies Visit Fly #18 photo by Arash Fewzeeou were watching it, you were somewhere totally innocent of money or popularity or cool or cachet. How rare that turns out to be. How precious. Helen Shaw, Divers Alarums, 2016

Sean Lewis is a playwright and a performer and founder of Brooklyn, NY based Lilac CO. Recent works by Lewis have been presented at Triangle Arts Association, New York (2017), The Roy Hart Institute, Maleragues, France (2017); Collapsible Hole, New York (2017); the Segal Center’s PRELUDE Festival, New York (2016); The Segal Center’s International Festival on Theatre and Performance, New York (2017), Pantheatre Myth and Theatre Festival, Paris (2014); the Public Theater’s Under The Radar Festival, New York (2014); and Joe’s Pub at The Public Theater, New York (2013/2012).