Sean Lewis is a writer, actor, and theatre director – founder Brooklyn based Lilac Co. (2007) that creates original works based on the writings of Lewis’- and most recently with collaborator and co-writer/designer Jonas Kyle.(Ch.4 Magic Agency, Bro-Tox, LaMaMa-January-2020). Lilac has created 15 evening-length works beginning with “Just Another Cowboy in Steinland”in 2007 that performed in order as written the 13 pages prose poem ROOMS from ​Tender Buttons ​ by Gertrude Stein. The work named the company. “Nothing aiming is a flower, if flowers are abundant, they are lilac, dance a clean dream! [exclamation point my own] Lewis’s work has been presented at The Public Theatre 2013/14, The Polish National Home/Warsaw 2009, Dixon Place 2013, CUNY Graduate Center Prelude Festival 2016, Segal Theatre’s International Festival of Film and Performance (FTP) 2017
Lilac’s work is rooted at the intersection of theatre and ‘performance’ of rigor and of day-dreaming. .Of community theatre ethics mixed up with conservatory training. Of high and low. Of trash and high-art.
The works are text driven fantasies – all texts posted at lilacco.org
Recent obsessions include satire, ways of subverting traditional narrative structures for the largest audiences possible.
Lilac Co believe in the spectacle. In the possibility of transformational possibilities in the theatre as being possible.
We go to the theatre to be transported. And Lilac Co. plays seek to transport audiences into full fledged fictions. Fantasies for forgetting. Sean Lewis and Lilac Co is obsessed with streaming television and the ways streaming and mobile devices are impacting the theatre (specifically black boxes and 99 seat venues / diy venues around the world).